duster !

These days I am facing a weird problem. I fall short of words while speaking, writing or even when I am talking to myself. Why is it happening? …. I get confused about usage of words …. I keep on thinking if this word would look good in this sentence … am I structuring this … Continue reading duster !


My soul is weeping with a mind deafening cry all the colors are bleeding leaving the eyes dry I feel a vacuum in my head and I cant see anything but only red It explodes inside killing all my senses and my thoughts are there sitting naked,away from my dead mind pieces… Continue reading ….

humans or pebbles

What is wrong with us? Why are we turning into irresponsible and insensitive human beings?! Why do we love to be just spectators? Have you ever thought of doing anything for your society? Then why never tried to share or implement the idea?! The problem with all of us is – we are turning into … Continue reading humans or pebbles


You are a born fighter. You fight against the nature, people, circumstances and finally yourself. Well… yes! Fight is an inevitable part of your life though you never accept the fact. You don’t even want to think about struggling. What all you want in your life is peace. And knowing or unknowingly you have built … Continue reading fight….